Exploration (NSW)

Exploration is the process of searching for unusual concentrations of the earth’s natural resources, including its minerals, rocks for construction materials and coal for use in daily life. Minerals are found at very few locations and accumulations of minerals at sufficient concentrations to be viably mined are extremely rare and difficult to find. Australia’s minerals and coal make a very substantial contribution to the country’s healthy economy and way of life. For more information about exploration click on the topics below.

Information on Exploration – March 2014

NSWMC_Fact Sheet_Mineral Exploration and You

Exploration Methods Explained:

NSWMC _ Exploration Mapping and Geochemical Surveys Fact Sheet September 2013

NSWMC_ Geophysical Surveys Fact Sheet September 2013

NSWMC_Drilling Fact Sheet September 2013

Land Access (NSW)

Mineral exploration licences are granted by the NSW government as the owner of the minerals, rock and coal. Mining is not allowed under an exploration licence.

All explorers must have a written land access agreement with the landowner before they can enter a property and carry out any exploration. By agreement between the NSW Government, the NSW Minerals Council and the NSW Farmers a modern standard template for land access is available. For more information about land access click on the topic below.

Land Access Information for Mineral Exploration – June 2013

Community Awareness and Consultation (NSW)

Anchor Resources Limited is committed to consulting with the wider community and aims to achieve a high standard of community awareness and communication. The Company is also dedicated to using local suppliers and employing local staff wherever possible. To read Anchor’s Community Consultation Policy click on the policy below

Community Consultation Policy

Environment (NSW)

Anchor Resources Limited is committed to the adoption of sound environmental management practices for the benefit of all stakeholders, the broader community, shareholders and its employees. The Company aims to comply with all environmental regulations and conditions attached to approvals for its operating activities. All activities are undertaken within the framework of an Environmental Management Plan. To read Anchor’s Environmental Policy click on the policy below.

Environmental Policy

Occupational Health & Safety (NSW)

Anchor Resources Limited recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors and visitors. This commitment extends to ensuring its operations do not place the local community at risk of injury or illness. The Company maintains systems to monitor, evaluate and improve its health, safety and environmental processes.  To read Anchor’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy click on the policy below.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Common Ground (NSW)

Common Ground is the result of collaboration between community, industry and the NSW Government to help you find information about current exploration and mining activity in your area.

Common Ground provides you with clear explanations of mining and production titles. It describes the roles of community and government in the decision making process for any proposed activity.

Visit Common Ground at commonground.nsw.gov.au for more information.

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