Tyringham Prospect (Blicks Project)

The Tyringham prospect consists of two spatially separate soil gold geochemical anomalies known as Tyringham West and Tyringham East centred 1.7 km apart (Figure 1). At Tyringham East a sub circular 60ppb gold anomaly is 300 metres in diameter while at Tyrinham West the gold anomaly is larger with dimensions 600 metres east-west and 550 metres north-south. The gold anomalies are coincident with anomalous tungsten, bismuth and molybdenum. The Tyringham West and Tyringham East mineralised centres are located in the south western segment of a corridor of anomalous soil multi-element geochemistry which has been defined over a north easterly trending zone approximately 6 km long × 1 km wide known as the “Tyringham Corridor”.

Limited drilling at each gold anomaly intersected long intervals of >120 metres down hole length of low grade gold mineralisation averaging around 0.2g/t gold which includes shorter higher grade zones averaging up to 0.4g/t gold. The Tyringham gold prospect remains open in all directions and warrants further exploration to evaluate the gold potential of this system. Importantly, the gold mineralisation remains open at depth in both areas.



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Fig 1. Tyringham prospect showing soil gold geochemistry