Blicks Project EL 6465 & EL 8100 (100% Anchor)

The Blicks project is located in the southern segment of the New England Orogen in northeast New South Wales, 95km northeast of the major regional centre of Armidale.

Through Anchor’s exploration over the past five years this area is emerging as a new mineral province in NSW prospective for granite-related molybdenum-tungsten deposits,  granite-related copper-molybdenum deposits and intrusion-related gold systems (Fig 1).

The main prospects in the project are:

Tyringham prospect – (Intrusion-related gold systems)
Tuting prospect – (Granite-related molybdenum-tungsten)
Liberty prospect – (Granite-related copper-molybdenum)
Mulligan-Forster prospect – (Orogenic quartz-gold veins)



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Fig 1. The Blicks Project with main prospects